Best Dog Food Choices Finally Revealed!

What is the best dog food? Well, that depends! This article gives you "real world" advice and plenty of things to think about when feeding your canine, pooch or puppy. Let's dive right in...

Simply the Best When it comes to my dogs nothing is too much or over the top for them. I will give them whatever I feel they need or try whatever new things I can for them. The best dog food is what I would be willing to eat myself!

I am very aware of all the new Dog food products out there and do try different kinds to see which they prefer. There are a few they have rejected to say the least; they really did not like them at all.

I noticed that they really love anything with beef in it compared to anything with lamb. Although I believe lamb is better for my taste but my puppies are different. I think it is too rich for their system to handle.

They prefer the simple beef food to any fancy gourmet dish they have tried. The food I usually buy for them is either the Good LifeBeneful beef recipe. They really seem to prefer those two to any other food that I have bought them.

Typically it is dry food that I give them with the occasional Beggin Strips treats or home baked dog treats from a local store that I buy by the pound.

Sidebar: Learn more about natural dog treats.

I really try not to get anything to heavy for their systems. I have noticed that if I buy the Kibbles N’ Bits recipe it is way to moist for them and they get really, really sick from it so that one is out of the question. Of course, like any dog owner I do also give them table scraps, now I know that is not good but how can I say no to those beautiful eyes.

They love to have Indian food actually because we fix a lot of it but I give it to them without so much of the juice. I separate the meat from the actual liquid so that it has the flavor but not the grease in it. I do try to keep it natural for them.

I have heard of all the new organic products and some I do use for them but they really didn’t like the organic food that I have tried for them. It might be the best dog food for them but they don't like it much.

I am not sure if it was too dry or they just didn’t like the flavor of it. I assume it could have been a combination of the two. Although they do love the organic wet food I have tried.

I forget the brand because I stopped buying it when they stopped carrying it at my local market. It was something like the wet Beneful they came out with but only natural ingredients. I remember them saying it was so good and natural that a person could eat it too. That was a surprise to me because first thing I think of with that is table scraps, right? Well this one said it had all the nutrients they needed and so forth so I tried it for them and they loved it. The only side affect with it is that if they eat too much of it they get the runs.

So that leads me to their eating times and snack times. I really have no specific way of feeding them as far as how many times a day so much as what they eat on a daily basis.

I keep their diet pretty regular and give them a mix of wet and dry food. I try to alternate but only give wet food as a snack during the day when they have already finished their dry food.

I usually leave a full bowl each of dog food and let them eat at their leisure; if I see the bowl is empty I will refill it so that they can get more if they need. I do have a larger dog, a husky black lab mix, and a smaller dog that is a terrier mix so they do eat quite a bit. I do watch so they don’t over eat as well, I make sure to exercise them daily and don’t give them too much snacks.

If they have wet food as a snack in the morning they only get one cookie before dinner time. I really try to keep a balance so that they are both satisfied and healthy at the same time. Of course it is a little difficult because like children they do try to get extra treats out of you and give you those sad little eyes.

I am such a sucker for those pitiful little eyes they make at you to get their way. "I want the best dog food!" is what I see in their eyes. Nothing in this world brings me more joy than satisfying my puppies and getting them everything they need in life.

They really are a precious gift to me and my husband and we will do all in our power to give them simply the best of everything in this world. as long as we are around they will never go without or feel they need anything more than they have.

We always make sure they are properly fed and always get the best food we can that is nourishing as well as tasty for them to have. After all why would we make them eat something that taste like cardboard when we as humans have such a variety? They want the best dog food. Just because they walk on four legs and don’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a variety of delicious food as well.


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p.s. Get a load of the story below someone sent me!

"Ever since I was a kid, I've been a big fan of dog food. I've always had a dog, and starting with the first one, I'd sample the food, which has an influence on what I buy for my dog now. I don't want my dog eating something that does not taste good. This might sound weird, but dog food is still edible by humans, and most of it doesn't really taste all that bad. It's effective too, because I used to buy my dog worse tasting food, and she barely ate any of it, and begged for my food all the time. Although the taste does influence what I buy, I don't buy on that alone. I will only buy the cheapest of the best-tasting dog food, because I don't feel that my dog is worth a lot of money. I mean, I do love her to death, but she was expensive enough as she is, and it is my opinion that all dog food is essentially the same. If there were a dog food that did not provide sufficient nutrition, it probably wouldn't be on the market very long, because the dogs would become very unhappy, and the owners would no longer purchase it. Most of the time, in my opinion, the higher prices is just for the name. People see a name on television, and think that it is the best, because it's on television, so they must buy it, even if it costs up to six times more than the other brands. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I'll only feed my dog once per day, in the morning. I give her a certain amount of food, as recommended by the vet. She usually eats it spaced out throughout the day, and it lasts until night. If I feed her more, she gets a little chubby, and if I feed her less, she climbs on the kitchen counter to get food. I do, however, give her treats from time to time, usually for doing something good, such as not killing the bird. One thing that I do not buy in to is this "organic" dog food stuff. It's bad enough that people think that something organic is any better for you, but for a dog, it's equally not different, but it costs way too much. Being extremely frugal, I don't want to pay some premium, especially for something that is not any better than the alternatives."

Crazy, right!?

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