Cat Winking Secrets Are Revealed!

When you see a cat winking you cannot help but ask yourself the question of whether it does it consciously or if your cat love you. Is this cat love?

The answer is yes – the felines do not have a physiological need to wink or rather to blink just like we do as humans. Unless this action is provoked by a foreign object in the eye, the cat is definitely trying to make a statement with a wink. So, you can appreciate this communication and answer back.

The cat blinking and winking are quite similar in general. In fact, the latter is just a modification of the former.

The felines are predators and they need to stay alert with their eyes open almost all the time and instead of using both of their eyes to blink they do it just with one so that they do not lose track of what is going on around them.

When a cat does this specific cat winking action it shows affection towards you. It “says” that is feels relaxed in your presence and also that it appreciates your attention and care towards it in its own way.

You can use the cat winking gesture to express your feelings towards your pet. All you need to do is answer back making the same wink.

You should be seated at some distance away and simply look at your kitty without staring at it and blink slowly with your eyes once or twice.

This technique is popularly called cat kissing and many people use it effectively to bond with their felines. You can readily utilize it yourself – it has been proven to work even on cats that you have not had precious contacts with.

You should do it often without being too persistent. Also, do not expect the cat to respond to your gesture every time with more cat winking or more cat blinking.

It is a good idea to use the blinking not only in response to your cat’s expression of affection, but for more practical purposes as well. When the animal is frightened, angered or alert for some other reason you can use the technique to make it feel relaxed and at ease.

This method can also be used during visits to the vet – the cat winking will help it go through the examination more calmly, which is good for both the pet and the professional. This technique is invaluable when your kitty suffers an accident or has another type of traumatic experience. The gesture will allow for its soothing and relaxation.


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