Bull Penis and Cheap Bully Sticks? What's Going On?

Cheap bully sticks are not made of bull penises but instead are just made of rawhide. If you want real bully sticks, you need to make sure you're getting a penis for your dog to chew on. You've got to keep reading...

For all you dog lovers out there, here’s an eye opener, the cheap bully sticks you give the furry love of your life is made from 100% bull penises!

The fact that they are called, ‘beef tendons’ and ‘beef muscles’ will make you feel a whole lot better. The curing process is very detailed and the bully sticks you feed your dog, very safe. But, the truth is that your dog is eating a penis.

The organ undergoes a through cleaning and draining process, after which the completely odor free tendon is stretched, twisted or braided and dried.

Then follows the smoking process to add flavor, after which is cut in varying lengths and packaged for sale.

The good part about the chews is that they can last a long time for a small dog and contains proteins, fiber, moisture and ash all of which are good for the dog; the fat content is limited to no more than one percent.

In 2007 there was a huge panic among dog owners and pet lovers in general when contaminated pet food hit the stores. The demand for all natural dog chews and treats shot through the roof and cheap bully sticks gained instant popularity all across the country.

To people who own dogs they are not just dogs, more like family and giving them the best is always a top priority. You dog will love cheap bully sticks... if they are not just "regular" rawhide.

Bully sticks are not made from hide like the rawhide treats are; they are all natural beef tendons or muscles. The careful processing methods employed ensure that the sticks are easily digested and processed by the dog in the same way that normal food is.

They come in a variety of sizes from 5 inches all the way up to 12 inches, which means you can find the treats to match the size of your pet.

Part of the process is to braid the sticks, enabling the dog to give the teeth and jaw muscles a good workout while chewing. The sticks come in chicken and lamb flavors that make them real yummy treats for your dog.

For the smaller dog breeds, the bully stick lasts anywhere from a few days to a week or even two; not so long for the bigger dogs of course. There is no danger of the sticks breaking and causing a choking hazard and easy digestion makes them an all round excellent treat.

While choosing rawhide treats is not an incorrect or wrong choice, present trends indicate that popular choice definitely favors cheap bully sticks that are available in most pet stores and departmental stores that have pet food section. Moreover the advantages of the bully sticks make them a better choice.


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