Find Cheap Dingo Dog Treats

Dingo dog treats are one of the finest chews you can give your dog.

With over 60% of the American population owning pets and dog owners outweighing cat owners by a good margin; it would be an understatement to say they love their dogs and nothing is too good for them. With the highest dog owner statistics in the world, the pet industry continues to grow and grow.

Dingo Brand LLC took innovativeness and forward thinking to a whole new level when they introduced a superior treat in a treat for dogs in 1997.

The treat consists of rawhide on the outside and real meat jerky on the inside, a combination most dogs simply cannot resist. The purpose of this new treat was to create

• A new chew treat that would be irresistible

• Encourage dogs to chew on rawhide for a longer period of time because it strengthens the jaws

• Create a rawhide chew that could be easily digestible and biodegradable

• Give dogs an irresistible chew that will keep them busy and prevent them from chewing on the furniture or your carpets

• Treats that are not coated and will not stain furniture and carpets

Dogs just love that delicious taste of real meat that the dingo dog treats contain; you can get them in beef, chicken and pork flavors; hand rolled individually and packed with the highest quality rawhide and meat.

When dogs chew on rawhide bones and treats they are actually practicing a form of natural dental hygiene but what do you do when your dog refuses to chew a rawhide bone or chew? Simple, give the dog Dingo’s super delicious dental treat!

The rawhide chew packed with real meat in chicken, pork and beef flavors will have him snatching the chew right out of your hand and you will have a hard time prying the dag away from the chew.

While this article concentrates more on the Dingo rawhide and real meat chews, it should be mentioned that Dingo has a very wide range of dog treats that include a large array of meats for you to choose from, should your dog be allergic to any particular kind of meat.

Dingo Bully Sticks

All of the Dingo dog treats are so formulated as to help remove tartar as the dog chews, making them really good for your canine’s teeth.

The Dingo high protein, low fat treats are a delicious way to get your pooch to listen to you and to get his teeth cleaned.

Note: The real secret of buying Dingo dog treats at a special discount is to buy bulk bully sticks and in wholesale bulk.


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