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This article will help you find the perfect dog car seat cover. It includes common travel problems with dogs, exactly why you might need a seat cover, and of course how to choose the perfect pet cover.

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Traveling with Your Dog and Choosing a Dog Car Seat Cover

You probably need a pet car seat cover because your heart gets broken whenever you need to leave behind your friend.

THe truth is that your dog is part of your family. Your emotions force your dog along for the ride, whether it’s just for a trip to the next town or all over the world.

If you take your canine along for trips a dog car seat cover can save the inside of your vehicle from hair, smell, and general destruction. We’ll spend time talking about these things in a moment. But, let’s first take a look at some issues you might face when traveling with your dog.

Common Traveling Problems with Pets

It’s best to train your dog at an early age to get it used to traveling. Start by having your puppy accompany you in short trips to the grocery or the park. Always remember to give them treats after every successful trip. At a minimum, provide love, attention and praise.

It’s very important that the first car trip made by your pet is as comfortable as possible. Preparation must also be complete during the first trip so that your dog can be trained right from the start on where he’s supposed to sit inside the car and what he’s supposed to do or not to do.

Accidents can still happen, of course, so be ready to have some cleaning tools ready just in case your dog feels car sick or poops.

Why Do You Need a Dog Car Seat Cover?

Buying a dog car seat cover is often mistakenly viewed by pet owners as a luxury. On the contrary, a dog car seat cover is very much a necessity, especially in some specific circumstances, such as listed below:

Car Lovers Beware

If your car is one of your most precious treasures, you should take special care not to have its interior marred by pet urine or waste as these are difficult to remove. They can of course be cleaned by professionals, but this would cost a lot of money. A pet car seat cover can vanquish all such problems.

Allergies and Allergic Reactions

If you travel without a dog car seat cover, your pet will naturally either be sitting on the seat or the floor. Either way, your pet will inevitably leave hairs clinging on your seat cover or your car floor carpet. If your passengers are allergic to dogs, they’ll automatically start sneezing. Minimize the chances of this happening by using a pet car seat cover. Use it when your dog’s on board then roll it out when your pet has stepped off.

How to Choose a Dog Car Seat Cover

If you’re already convinced of the need for a dog car seat cover, here are some tips to help you procure the ideal pet traveling accessory for your dog…and car.


Check the dog car seat cover for durability. Most dogs like to bite things now and then, and one of the things they like to bite most are fabrics, upholstery, and…you guessed it, car seat covers! If the dog car seat cover tears easily, it’s definitely the item for you. Durability is important.


With all the tasks that you have to complete each and every day, do you think you’ll have time enough to hand wash your dog’s car seat cover? Definitely not! You might want to make sure that what you’re buying can be thrown in the laundry for a good machine washing.


Pets are messy drinkers most of the time – even the well-behaved ones. When dogs drool, slobber goes in all directions. If you’ve been around dogs for a long time, you’re no doubt aware that liquids often tend to spill whenever they’re around. Make sure your seat cover won’t end up permanently damaged with its first encounter with moisture. Maybe it doesn’t need to be waterproof, but it should be water resistant.


There are dog car seat covers specifically designed for passenger cars while there are others that are primarily designed for SUVs. Some pet owners however prefer to use the latter in their passenger cars because it provides more coverage, and consequently more protection. The downside is that it might slip around, which isn’t good. Using a bucket car seat cover on the other hand will allow you to secure your dog with a seat belt as well.


Lastly, dog car seat covers are often manufactured in various designs. Take your time choosing because traveling with your beloved pet doesn’t mean you can’t continue traveling in style!

With a dog car seat cover, your furry friend is seated comfortably, your car is safe from harm, and you can continue enjoying your drive. Good luck!

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