Want to Understand Dog Pregnancy Week By Week?

Signs of a dog pregnancy week by week are not always obvious. While some dogs will have some symptoms, others may not have any until the very last week of gestation.

If the mating is planned, then creating a calendar and marking the date of conception is a great idea. However, if a dog is not spayed, and mating may have possibly happened, then changes may not be noticed until the fourth week.

In order to find out if a dog is pregnant, it is ideal to plan a visit to a veterinarian. Fetuses or puppies can be detected early on through ultrasound.

There are several signs of a dog pregnancy week by week. However, at the beginning there may not much that will be seen. A dog may become a little agitated, and may be aggressive towards male dogs. Some dogs also experience morning sickness; this may not even be noticeable.

Pregnant Dog

From the first to the third week there isn’t anything interesting happening. A dog may be a bit agitated and experience morning sickness, but otherwise, there isn’t much to note.

During the fourth week is when things become a little interesting. A dog’s abdomen will enlarge a little bit, and nipples will become darker and larger. This is normally the point when the gestation becomes noticeable.

If the gestation wasn’t confirmed before, it will be now. A good veterinarian may also be able to determine how many puppies the dog is carrying.

Dogs will also gain quite a bit of appetite. A good, quality food made specifically for gestating dogs will keep her well nourished.

A dog needs a lot of energy during and after her gestation. Whether there is only one puppy or twelve puppies nursing, it requires a lot of energy for her to feed them. Supplementing with vitamins is not suggested, while some may say it’s best for a dog, talking to a veterinarian about is probably the best idea.

From the fifth to the seventh week there is more going on with a dog’s body. The nipples are darker, and her abdomen is increasing almost daily. She will groom herself continuously, and her daily portions should be increased. She should be fed several small meals daily.

Near the end, at the eighth and the ninth weeks, changes in a dog become very noticeable. Her abdomen will be extremely enlarged, she will become very anxious, and may stop eating. This is all normal as her pregnancy is coming to the end. Knowing the signs of a dog pregnancy week by week is a great experience.


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