Pregnancy of Dogs

Pregnancy of dogs is not necessarily that easy to understand. If you’re new to dog breeding, then there are several things that you should know before getting into it. If you don’t want to be a dog breeder, than getting your dog spayed will end up costing you much less than a litter of puppies.

How long is the heat cycle of a dog?

Heat cycles in a dog generally last between 7 and 10 days. They will have heat cycles approximately twice a year. Although this is general, and it really does depend on the breed of the dog.

How Long Is a Dog Pregnant?

Gestation or pregnancy in dogs generally lasts between 65 and 72 days, or nine weeks. Again, this depends on the breed of dog. However, anything beyond 72 days for any breed of dog requires a visit to a veterinarian. It’s important to be sure that everything is alright with the dog, and the puppies.

Pregnancy of Dogs

How to Know If it’s A False Pregnancy?

Believe it or not, some dogs to experience false pregnancies. After being bred, they will act the same as a pregnant dog. The dog’s character may change, her abdomen can swell, and her mammary glands may be engorged. Normally, these symptoms will dissipate after a while. Besides, if you see no differences after seven weeks, then chances are she isn’t carrying any puppies.

How to tell how far along the dog is?

Sometimes it’s very hard to tell when a dog is due to have her puppies. Pregnancy in dogs is not as easy as pregnancy in humans. Near the end of her pregnancy her mammary glands will be much engorged and so will her abdomen. She will also be producing colostrum.

How to Prepare for the Puppies?

So the puppies will be arriving at any time. What is the next step? There is no doubt that a dog will show symptoms when the time comes to delivering the puppies.

If she doesn’t already have a box ready for herself and the puppies, getting one is essential. Or if you have the room, it could be an unused closet, or a small room. It should be somewhere that isn’t too busy, as having too many people around could cause her to become agitated and aggressive.

From this time on is a waiting game. The pregnancy of dogs is quite exciting. Try to enjoy it while it lasts.


Dog Pregnancy

Pregnancy of Dogs

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