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A heated pet dish is absolutely essential when you are living in any city where harsh winters and long, cold nights are common. Although animals are better than humans when it comes to fending off the effects of cold, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best in providing comfort to our pets. A heated dish is just one way of giving back a little in return of the love we receive from our furry friends.

How a Heated Pet Water Bowl Works

Not many people are aware that heated water dishes exist, even fewer understand how they work. In essence, they work using coils and electicity. Plug it in and the coils warm the bottom and sides of the dish which keeps the ice and snow away.

A heated water dish generally comes with a thermostat and an electric cord. The thermostat will let you know how much heat the container is generating to keep its contents warm. It will work only as long as it’s plugged to an electric outlet, unless it comes with an automatic shut-off switch. I've seen one option that has a battery back up but it looked very cheap and the reviews were negative.

Heated dog water bowls are traditional. That is, you won't find automatic heated feeding or water bowls nor will it be easy to personalize them. They don't automatically circulate the water or otherwise keep it fresh. You'll have to keep it clean on your own. Plan on filling it up just about every day.

Beyond Standard Heated Pet Dish Choices

There are various types of heated pet feeding water bowls. Besides heated pet dishes, you can also make use of heated water buckets, heated pet bowls and other heated pet containers. For example, there are heated water buckets made for farm animals and horses. These are perfect for larger dogs. Buckets also hold more water and they heat up quickly.

Tips on Buying a Heated Pet Dish

The price tag shouldn’t be the sole basis of your buying decision. When buying a heated pet bowl, or any accessory or equipment for your pet for that matter, you should always keep the comfort of your four-legged friend foremost in your mind.


Obviously, a small-sized heated water container would be adequate if you are only taking care of a toy dog, like a poodle or a Shih Tzu. But even tiny canines can get awfully thirsty when left alone for too long in cool weather.

If, for instance, you plan on leaving your pet at home for a whole day, a large heated pet dish is more appropriate to use because it would ensure that your pet will have enough water. A large heated pet dish is naturally more suitable for bigger dogs as well. And, don't forget those heated water buckets. Some of them hold a lot of water.


If you have a large dog, like a German shepherd or a Rottweiler, try looking for a heated pet dish that’s elevated. I've only seen one elevated heated water bowl. Obviously, with an elevated heated pet dish, your pet will have an easier time drinking.

Tip Proof

No, I'm not talking about the money you leave behind as acknowledgement for a job well done. Instead, I'm advising you to go for a heated water dish that doesn’t tip easily. Simply put, the heated dish must be bottom-heavy, or a low center of gravity, to minimize the chances of your dog accidentally tipping its contents to the floor. With a tip-proof heated pet dish, less heated water is wasted.

Easy to Clean

Since probably a very rare minority of animals is able to learn how to clean their own utensils, you’ll be responsible for dishwashing duties. Hence, it’s also smart to choose a heated pet dish that’s easy to clean than one that’s not.

That’s it. If you need more tips, definitely read our pet food dish overview. Happy shopping for your heated pet dish.

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