These Are The Stages of Canine Pregnancy

Following your dog through her stages of canine pregnancy is the best way to know you’re your dog will be ready to give birth. Many people don’t realize their dog is pregnancy until the signs are very noticeable; such as enlarged abdomen, and engorged nipples. Not to mention she will be very, very hungry.

During the first week of her pregnancy you may not notice a big difference. Like human pregnancies, some dogs will experience morning sickness. She may also seem a little bit more agitated than usual. If you do not exercise your dog, now is a good time to introduce a daily walk. It is not a good idea to use any flea treatments on your dog at this time, as they may hard the fetuses.

You most likely won’t notice any changed during week two. She may still have morning sickness, and her appetite may increase slightly, but that’s about it. This is the same for week three.

The fourth week is when you really begin to see the stages of canine pregnancy. You can bring her to the vet, and normally, the puppies are big enough for the vet to be able to feel how big they are.

Canine Pregnancy Stages

Your dog may experience some vaginal discharge; she will begin to lick herself quite a bit, which is obviously perfectly normal. You may also notice her nipples getting bigger. Ideally, you should not over exercise her; make sure she doesn’t overexert herself.

During the fifth week you should think about increasing her meals. Having several small meals for her in a day is a great idea. This will keep her satisfied. There is no need to give her any vitamin supplements. You can ask your veterinarian more about this. Her stomach will be noticeably larger.

The next few weeks are relatively the same. At the 8th week milk can be extracted from the nipples. She may become restless and pace quite a bit. This is also normal. This is the stage when dogs begin to look for a place to have the puppies. Think about getting a whelping box.

If she stops eating this is perfectly normal. She probably isn’t feeling all that well, and is most likely very uncomfortable. The stages of canine pregnancy end at the ninth week.

If you’re not sure of the date she is due, you can look online for Dog Pregnancy Calendar’s, there are several free sites that will calculate her due date for you.




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