Want to Buy Wholesale Dog Treats to Save More Money?

Buying wholesale dog treats is a very good idea when you have a big dog or even more than one dog.

A dog’s appetite really depends on the size, breed and the disposition of the dog. Small dogs cannot eat much in one go so it is better to feed them small meals at various intervals.

I have a small dog and a big guy and while the big guy polishes off his bowl in a flash, the small one only manages a few mouthfuls. Then she is running around hungry a very short while later. This is where the dog treats come in.

Feeding dogs’ right requires some degree of understanding about dog psychology. Dogs will eat whenever you feed them, however this is not a healthy practice.

Establish a feeding schedule and stick to it because regular feeding times will help promote a good appetite and digestion. Dogs do have rather large appetites and when it comes to snacks and treats there really is no limit to how much they can eat, so bulk buying is best.

Another thing to keep in mind is that domesticated dogs have become creatures of habit and do not really appreciate change – when you buy dog treats in bulk it prevents you running out of your supply and having to make do with another brand, till you can get to the store again.

One of the major benefits of buying wholesale dog treats is that it is less taxing financially on your wallet. The bigger the packet the less you pay. Of course if you have a really small dog who consumes very little, don’t follow this rule of thumb. Don't buy wholesale dog treats.

When you buy in bulk you are saving and because you are buying a larger quantity the seller benefits from the higher sales volume so everybody wins and stays happy.

When buying from online stores you are buying direct from the wholesale source and there is no middleman involved to take a part of your money. In this case you really do make a saving because the online shops have lower overheads and can afford to give discounts direct to the customer who shops with them. Always check online stores to get an idea of their prices and then compare with prices at your local store.

Don’t forget that online buying may mean shipping costs so find out if applicable and add to your total before making a comparison between various whole dog treats that are available.

The one problem really with buying wholesale dog treats lies in your being able to predict how soon you need to get in another bag. This becomes more difficult if you do the buying online because then you have to provide for delivery time as well.

Before you buy wholesale treats, buy a small packet of the dog treats and try it out on your dog, he may not like it and if you have already invested in a big bag it will be a sheer waste.


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