Why Do Cats Purr? We Have Answers!

Why Do cats purr? Find out in this exciting article about cat sound and cat purring. New ideas and special news is finally revealed about kitten purring and old cat purring for you.

Why do cats purr? The purring sound a cat makes is unmistakable and indeed this uniqueness causes many owners to ask themselves that question.

The explanations are varying and even scientists have come up with a number of answers that appear to be valid. It turns out that the purring is much more practical and widely used than previously thought.

Most owners who do not spend much time with their feline and/or do not manage to notice some of its behavioral patterns believe that their cat purrs only when it is being petted. This is definitely not the case – the felines produce these specific sounds on many occasions.

Often they purr when they are trying to get to sleep or simply to relax. If you pay closer attention to the specific sound your feline makes you will notice that it resembles a meditation mantra that is supposed to be calming and soothing.

It is also true that nursing mother cats purr and their kittens do it also. There are speculations that this is an effective way for communication that is extremely useful at this stage given that the little ones are blind and deaf. The purring creates a vibration that can be easily sensed.

Why do cats purr when they are not well? This is a very interesting question. Many owners have noticed that felines are making these specific sounds when they are seriously hurt or injured and experiencing great pain.

It has also been observed that these animals purr extensively before dying. One explanation that has been given to this mystery is that the frequency of the sound made can stimulate bone and even tissue growth and provide for the healing.

Another hypothesis is that the purring causes the release of endorphins in the brain. The so called hormone of happiness acts to reduce the pain and suffering allowing the pet to get better more quickly. Both of these seem quite plausible especially given the fact that the felines are amongst the most stoic of animals that have amazing survival abilities.

So, why do cats purr after all? No one knows for sure, but the soothing and healing powers of the purr have been known for quite some time now.

Different studies have shown that the production of the specific sounds can improve human health too. Cat owners and especially the ones that hold them closely when they purr are known to have lower blood pressure, which is beneficial especially for the elderly.


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