Dog Pregnancy by the Week Quick Reference Guide

Keeping track of a dog pregnancy by the week is no easy task. Getting the most detailed information isn’t always easy. I’m here to help with that. I will share all of the knowledge I have, week by week.

Let's get started with dog pregnancy by the week...

During Week One:

  • Fertilization occurs
  • Your dog may experience morning sickness, and may seem more agitated.
  • Feed your dog as you normally would, and exercise her.
  • Do not use any flea treatments on her, as this may harm the embryos.

During Week Two:

  • The embryo enters the uterus
  • Your dog may experience morning sickness, if she didn’t before
  • You should continue to feed your dog regularly, and exercise her.

During Week Three:

  • At approximately day 19, is when the embryos are implanted in the uterus
  • There is nothing special to be noted in the third week

During Week Four:

  • Spinal cords and eyes begin to develop on the puppies
  • Days 25-33 are the best times to feel for puppies, this will confirm gestation
  • Your dog may have vaginal discharge and her mammary glands (nipples), may become enlarged
  • Do not over exercise her

During Week Five:

  • Toes and claws begin to form and the fetuses look like dogs
  • The gender of the puppies can be determined
  • Swelling in the dog becomes more evident
  • The amount of food you give your dog should be slightly increased, splitting her meals apart so she has a couple of little meals in a day is ideal

During Week Six:

  • Your veterinarian will be able to hear heartbeats with a stethoscope
  • Fetuses weigh about 6 grams, depending on the breed
  • Heartbeats can be heard
  • Nipples will begin to darken and the abdomen will swell

During Week Seven:

  • Puppies continue to develop
  • At this point, it is very obvious that the dog is pregnant.
  • You should increase her meals quite a bit
Canine Pregnancy Stages

During Week Eight:

  • Puppies can be seen moving around in the stomach
  • Milk can be detected in the nipples
  • Your dog may become agitated and begin pacing. She is beginning to look for a place to give birth.

Week Nine:

  • The puppies are generally fully developed
  • Your dogs’ temperature should be approximately 37.9 to 38.2 degrees Celsius. Below this means that the puppies could be born within 24 hours.
  • Your dog may lose her appetite.

You have followed dog pregnancy by the week. Now it’s time to get everything together and be prepared for the birthing process.


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