Everything You Need to Know About Bulk Pig Ears for Your Old Dog or Little Puppy

Buying bulk pig ears for your dog as a treat is an excellent idea. They are great treats for your puppy or old dog for several reasons which I explain in this article.

As dogs are as much a part of the family as any family member and every owner wants to give their pet the best. And pig ears, like compressed rawhide bones, make a delicious if rather heavy treat.

This article covers information on pig ears, what’s good and what’s not, so you can better make better informed decisions on what to feed your dog.

Pig ears purchased in bulk in America are of very high quality due in large part to the high quality feeds given to the animals. The result is probably the largest pig ears available making them a very economical purchase. Pig ears from Europe or elsewhere tend to be much smaller and don’t last half as long.

When choosing to give your dog all natural chews as treats and rewards, it is important that you know where the chews come from and how they are processed.

Pig ears are transported in refrigerated trucks on land and in refrigerated carriers on ship; there is no delay in getting them on ice and this helps prevent spoilage and contamination and the need for artificial preservatives.

Buying bulk pig ears to give as chews and treats is good because dogs need to exercise their jaws and the jaw muscles. However, you should be aware that pig ear’s are not very high in nutritional value, but are high in fat content.

On the benefits side bulk pig ears are all natural and safe to feed to the dog and the processing is of the highest international standard.

Dog chews come in different sizes so you can find something for the smallest lapdog to a Great Dane. Always make sure you the chews big enough for your dog to hold with its paws when chewing on and big enough so the dog cannot break off and swallow a piece.

Hence, it is recommended that you reserve pig ears treats as rewards for positive behavior and as an incentive when training your pet.

Dogs love bulk pig ears and you will have a much easier time getting the little guy to listen to you! You may have to try out a few flavors to see which one your dog likes best. It is always better to give your dog pig ear treats when you are around to watch over them; dogs like to chew off pieces and swallow them whole, which is a big choking hazard.

As always all natural treats are far better than the ones that have lots of additives; now that you are better informed, go on and buy bulk pig ears as treats for your dog, show him you love him and he will show you he loves you by being obedient – for the pig ears treat off course!


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