Need to Buy Dog Food?

If you need to buy dog food then read this short article about choosing the right dogfood for your pet. Get ideas about dog food nutrition, dog treats, and getting your dog to eat healthy.

There are all kinds of factors to consider if you need to buy dog food, but there is one that is more important above all others to me –- will my dog eat that dogfood?

Dog food brands vary a great deal, between the size of the kibble, the specific ingredients, wet or dry, soft or crunchy – but in general, they all meet basic nutritional standards.

It is unlikely that you will buy dog food that is specifically unhealthy for your dog. (Note: Dog food is not tested.) Some dogs prefer extremely cheap food – some dogs will only eat more expensive food, or dry food mixed with wet or green beans.

Hint: Why not try vegetarian dog treats?

Getting your dog to eat is ultimately the most important issue to consider when buying a dog food brand and type of dog food. As to when a dog should be fed – well, it certainly depends on the dog and the breed. I had a German Shepard / Golden Retriever mix for a number of years who was very good about what he ate. You could leave food out for him all day, and he would only eat what he needed, and never more. The dog was incredibly healthy and never had weight issues.

Currently I have a Yellow Lab who eats everything in front of him, and even tries to eat food that isn’t there at all (obsessively licking an empty bowl where food once was). This dog is fed twice a day very carefully in order to prevent more weight problems.

I also have a Great Dane who is an incredibly fickle eater – who will not eat unless you are sitting next to him, and will often balk at food all together.

The dog has a constant weight problem (underweight), and no mixture of food will coax him into eating more than a couple bites (including treats like egg yolks or cheese which most dogs go crazy for). Keeping him on a regular schedule of twice a day (morning and night) makes it easier to get him to eat.

Need Help? Is your dog not eating food?

Organic food and treats are little more than a luxury. They are often more expensive than they need to be, don’t do anything for the health of the animal, and are generally only purchased so that the dog owner feels good about themselves. If one wants to purchase organic products for their dog, there is nothing wrong with it, but there is really no reason to do so that specifically deals with the health and happiness of the pet.


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