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Dog Pregnancy Calendar

The dog pregnancy calendar first starts with conception. Conception occurs when the female dog or bitch comes in to Oestrus. She is then ready to be mated.

The usual term of a dog pregnancy ranges from 60 to 72 days, anything beyond 72 days requires a visit to the vet’s office.

To keep track of a canine’s pregnancy calendar it is important to take note of the day the dogs mated. This is the only way to be accurate as to when your dog will be ready for birthing or “whelping.”

The puppy embryos begin to form around 15 days after mating. The dogs nipples also begin to get large and become a little bit darker. You may also notice the fur on her stomach getting thinner. These are clear signs that she’s pregnant.

It may be hard to believe but around the 20th day to the 30th, the dog may experience some morning sickness. Like women, this is due to the hormonal changes in the body. She may also lose her appetite, and vomiting is not uncommon.

After about a month in the dog pregnancy calendar the embryos are large enough for your vet to be able to determine how many puppies your dog is carrying. During this time your dogs abdomen will be bigger, her nipples will also become more engorged.

She may also start wondering around, this is perfectly normal; she is looking for a place to whelp, or give birth. Ideally, you should get her a nice and comfortable whelping box. Bring her to the box and show it to her.

If she has a blanket or something else she sleeps on, you may put it in the box so she realizes that this box is for her. Give her a treat every time she goes in it.

About six weeks after mating, your dog may lose her appetite altogether. She has a large abdomen, or nipples are fully engorged, and puppies are crowding each other. These are very uncomfortable times for your dog. Continue to feed her small amounts and encourage her. By now you should be able to feel and see the puppies moving around in her stomach.

Now is a crucial time in the dog pregnancy calendar. Your dogs due date is approaching. It’s time to clean her up so she’s ready for her puppies. Cleanse her nipples gently; you can clean her vulva area a little bit also. This will ensure that the puppies are born in a clean and sanitized environment.


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