Learn These Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Let's explore dog pregnancy symptoms. To be more precise, what symptoms can you expect from your dog during her pregnancy?

Canine gestation or pregnancy has several different stages. These stages go by quickly, since the period a dog is pregnant is only 9 weeks, or a little over 2 months.

There are a few symptoms you may see that will confirm whether your dog is pregnant or not. In the first couple of weeks, symptoms may not be so noticeable.

Some dogs become more affectionate, agitated, and their overall personality may not be what you’re used to. Also, when it comes to male dogs, she may not be very receptive and could show aggression.

Within the first couple of weeks a visit to a veterinarian is a good idea. Your vet can do an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy, considering that early on there may not be any dog pregnancy symptoms.

However, three or four weeks you will begin to see some significant dog pregnancy symptoms. Her abdomen will become swollen, her nipples will darken, and larger. She may also have discharge coming from her vulva, this is perfectly normal.

She will undoubtedly feel the need to groom herself often. The hair on her belly will also thin out. Since some dogs experience morning sickness, she may not really feel like eating.

At around five and six weeks it’s a good idea to increase her meals. While normally she would be fed twice daily, as with any dog, it’s best to feed her small meals throughout the day. This will keep her well nourished, and it’s a good way to ensure she stays healthy during her pregnancy.

You can check your local pet food store, but there is dog food for pregnant and nursing dogs. This food will be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth the cost.

As time goes on your dog will become increasingly uncomfortable. Her abdomen is huge, and the puppies are taking up plenty of room in her stomach. Dog pregnancy symptoms are very predominant now, and she will be acting out of character.

She will begin to pace, and unless you’ve purchased a whelping box, she will begin to look for a place to have the puppies. Ideally, you should have a box ready for her.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Dogs normally give birth when it’s been about nine weeks. If you’re not very sure about the date that she mated, you may be able to guesstimate when she is due by using an online pregnancy calendar.





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